Arrest bill passed, is your passport in danger? “Reflective benefits disappear… Even if it is dismissed, there is a backlash.”

Contrary to the observation that the People Power Party will be able to benefit from the passage of the motion for the arrest of Representative Lee Jae-myung, there is a series of predictions within the ruling party that the People Power Party will be put to the test after this incident. Former People Power Party […]

19 million won in work for Kimhaeng startup company… Suspicions of preferential treatment while serving as head of the Gender Equality Center

It was confirmed on the 22nd that in 2015, when Kim Haeng, candidate for Minister of Gender Equality and Family, was serving as the director of the Korea Gender Equality Education Promotion Institute (Yangpyeongwon), Yangpyeongwon signed a 19 million won contract with ‘Social Holdings’, founded by candidate Kim. According to the ‘2015 Gender Equality Education […]

‘Sense of crisis of defeat in general election’ division… Lee’s hunger strike and rejection appeal did not work

A motion for the arrest of Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, for whom a preliminary arrest warrant was requested for suspicion of corruption in Ssangbangwool Group’s remittance to North Korea and Baekhyeon-dong development, passed the plenary session of the National Assembly on the 21st. Representative Lee’s political leadership suffered a major blow […]

Why did Howon Elementary School teacher, who died, transfer 500,000 won per month to his parents eight times?

It is <500,000 won per month>. This incident became known belatedly after the death of a teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seoul two months ago. It was an incident two years ago, and two teachers at an elementary school in Uijeongbu made an extreme choice. Among these, it was belatedly revealed that the late teacher Lee Young-seung […]

‘8 innings, 93 pitches’ Moon Seung-won’s pitch saving ‘textbook’… Kim Won-hyung’s ‘secret’

“Worried about the 9th episode? “I didn’t.” SSG coach Kim Won-hyung (51) left a favorable review of Moon Seung-won (34), who showed off his brilliant pitching the day before. The answer to the question, ‘How should I throw?’ A complete game was possible, but there were no worries. There is a reason. Manager Kim Won-hyung met with reporters at […]

Average exit speed 159.6km… 6.9 billion 1st place team with 2nd overall pick ‘Super Rookie’ added

He’s still strong, but he’s even a super rookie… . One of the strongest teams in the American Major League (MLB) this season is the Baltimore Orioles, the number one team in the American League (AL). In particular, the promising players raised at the farm are leading the way and causing a sensation, attracting a lot of […]

“Is the coach of National University a joke?” Public opinion bubbles… Klinsmann leaves for the United States in just five days

 Korean national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), who has been causing controversy over sabotage due to his frequent outings, left the country after five days. The reason is, “I work in the U.S. and observe Europeans.” On September 20, the Korea Football Association officially confirmed that Coach Klinsmann left for Los Angeles, USA, where his […]

“If Trump is elected in next year’s presidential election, South Korea must take the lead in defending North Korea.”

There has been a suggestion that if former US President Donald Trump is elected in next year’s US presidential election, South Korea should take the lead in defense against North Korea’s conventional forces. This means that the role of the US Forces in Korea should be reduced so that US troops deployed in the Indo-Pacific can […]