Cannes student, 2nd place in short story… Will there be a second Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho?

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Korea’s representative film city, Busan.

The next generation of talented people who will lead the Korean토토사이트 film industry are immersed in their classes.

The Korean Academy of Film Arts is an educational institution specializing in film directing that was established 40 years ago.

To enter this school, you must pass a competition rate of hundreds to one in fields such as directing and cinematography.

9th Christmas in August director Huh Jin-ho,
11th Parasite director Bong Joon-ho, 1987 Jang Jun-hwan,
15th class Tajja Choi Dong-hun,
25th class Time to Hunt Yoon Seong-hyun, Seung-ho director Jo Seong-hee, etc.

You can also see the past of director Bong Joon-ho, who has risen to the ranks of world-renowned masters, as well as Bong’s graduation work, ‘My Father’s Love’.

About 30 trainees are sweating to become the next Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook.

<Interview> Lee Joo-bin/Film Academy directing major
I was originally teaching children at school, but if a teacher at school can only affect one class or one school, it is better to influence a variety of people through the large medium of film. The biggest advantage of UP is that it seems to motivate me. I want to become a director who has a positive influence.

In another place, film production practice is in full swing.

About 30 staff members are busy working with cameras, lights, microphones, props, art, makeup, as well as checking the movements of the actors.

This is the production site of the 20-minute short film ‘Wings’.

<Interview> Choi Hyun-min/Korea Film Academy PD majors
each have different roles, so I think that you can shoot a movie only when you faithfully fulfill your duties, so I think collaboration is the most important thing.

<Interview> Son Soo-rim/film academy Major in Cinematography
I think the most important thing is how much the camera can assimilate to the actor’s emotions and how much you focus on the actor. Even a single strand of hair is an element that can reveal an actor’s condition.

Beyond the camera angle, you can feel the sweat, effort, and passion to get the best shot.

A 24-minute short thriller depicting the situation that a social welfare official experiences at the home of a child who is absent for a long time..

This film, created by students who graduated from the Korean Academy of Film Arts in March this year, was proudly selected in the student short section at the 76th Cannes Film Festival. It won the 2nd prize.

However, their concerns are not very different from those of other filmmakers.

<Interview> Hwang Hae-in / 76th Cannes Film Festival Student, Short 2nd prize
A little bit I still don’t know my insides and 5 years later, so I feel like I’m walking step by step with an uneasy mind.

I have always had the thought that it would be nice to create a story that is hidden somewhere or something that can be conveyed to someone.
I have a great desire to continue to make movies like this that parents can really enjoy and enjoy.

A locomotive called ‘Korean Movie’. K-

content has been introduced to the world with the love of the audience as fuel , but it is losing momentum these days. It is not easy to see whether we will find a breakthrough for a new leap forward at the crossroads or continue running on the track of stagnation. The heart of Korean films can beat vigorously again only when audience interest, producers’ dedication and institutional support, and new strategies to confront the OTT environment are harmonized. <Interview> Choi Jae-won/CEO of Anthology Now, the important thing for us is the directors of the 70s and 80s. They say that the second Bong Joon-ho must appear and the second Park Chan-wook must appear, but what are they doing? New people, new storytellers have to emerge. Only then can the industry roll. We have to create such a space, such a stage. However, it is not possible to create such an environment. <Interview> Yunji Kim/Researcher, Export-Import Bank of Korea

I definitely think it will be a slightly different era from the era of 10 million films we enjoyed over the past 10 years. What movies are profitable? This was the power of Korean planners. I’ve been making good movies so far, but I think the time has come to upgrade. I try to think that such a prototype has never been released so far, like a new era, a new 10 million movies, by supplementing both planning and visual skills.

<Interview> Chae Jung-hwa/Sogang University ICT Law and Economics Research Institute
Deadman and Wave said they would release the movie in theaters, so now I thought of a symbiotic relationship. The theater market is collapsing. While looking for a way to coexist, we have come to a situation where we have to change the perception itself, which used to think that the only thing that took the theater was the movie . ways you can. I think we need to add a little more color to each of these parts.

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