Boseong-gun, spotlighted as the best site for winter battery training in 2023

Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, announced that it is expected to contribute to revitalizing the local economy and promoting Boseong-gun by successfully attracting 10 winter field training teams in 2023, such as weightlifting, soccer, and baseball.

In Boseong-gun, 3 weightlifting teams, 4 soccer teams, and 1 baseball team are currently training or are scheduled to visit.

From the 29th to the 4th, the Gyeonggi Physical Education Middle and High School Weightlifting Department visited, 토토 and the Armed Forces Sports Unit started training at the Boseong Multipurpose Training Center from the 2nd.

Boseong-gun has reinforced sports facilities such as various sports infrastructures such as the Boseong multipurpose training ground, Beolgyo Ecological Park soccer field, and Hoecheon Ecological Park baseball field to attract field training.

In particular, in the case of groups staying in the hotel for more than 5 days, selection of military representative players for participation in competitions at the national (province) level or higher, and training of representative players, the use of sports facilities is fully exempted.

With active support and cooperation, such as green tea drinks, earphones with BS Three Musketeers design, and Boseong kiwi, many teams are visiting Boseong-gun this year as well as last year.

In 2022, more than 40 teams and 4,700 players visited Boseong-gun for training and encouraged the revitalization of the local economy, which was well received by residents. is expected to

On the other hand, Boseong-gun is concentrating its efforts so that the winter training team can concentrate on training, such as establishing COVID-19 quarantine measures and devising safety management plans to prevent disasters and disasters.