‘Bizarre excuse for crazy behavior’ Ronaldo’s ‘bad hand’ punishment public opinion appeared, the club said ‘because it hit the sensitive part… ‘ clarification

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 ‘Sensitive parts hurt… ‘

Cristiano Ronaldo (38), who plays for Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia, was once again caught up in criticism due to his sudden ‘obscene behavior’. Another ‘last page’ of Ronaldo’s career has increased. However, this behavior is not just reprehensible, it can be punished as a serious crime. It was an act that could lead to his being expelled from Saudi Arabia. His team, Al Nasr, became desperate. Eventually, they came up with an absurd official explanation. This, too, is drawing ridicule from fans.

The Daily Mail, a British media outlet, reported on the 21st (Korean time) that ‘the team made a bizarre explanation when public opinion called for Ronaldo to be expelled from Saudi Arabia for his obscene and unexpected behavior.’ Ronaldo, who is writing a new ‘Career Worst’ day by day, recently had another accident. It was on the 19th during an away match against Saudi League rival team Al Hilal. Al Nasr lost 0-2 and fell away from the title race.

Ronaldo was horribly ruined. He showed rough, blunt play and received only one yellow card without scoring a goal. The scene of getting a yellow card also frowned upon him. In the 12th minute of the second half, while competing with opponent midfielder Gustavo Cuellar, he suddenly put on a headlock and tripped him. The referee immediately pointed out unsportsmanlike behavior and took out a card.

Ronaldo’s ‘last action’ did not stop here. It was time for him to exit the game. Al-Hilal crowd booed Ronaldo. At the same time, he chanted the name of Lionel Messi, who was once a rival, but now has become an incomparable target.

Ronaldo reacted nervously. As he walked out with his head bowed, he suddenly made a gesture with his right hand that seemed to grab between his crotch and the main body part. He then looked up at the fans. In Saudi Arabia, an Islamic country, this is considered an obscene act that insults the other person. Fans were outraged by Ronaldo’s sudden action. Boos and curses poured out.

Furthermore, there were people who demanded punishment for Ronaldo outraged by the last action. Lawyer and professor Nouf bin Ahmed tweeted on his social media account, ‘If the crowd insulted Ronaldo, he didn’t seem to know how to act. His actions (capturing the main body) are clearly criminal acts. In the case of foreigners, it is an obscene public act that can lead to arrest and deportation,’ he said, revealing a strong stance, saying, ‘I will file a petition for punishment with the government in relation to this issue.’안전놀이터

However, his team, Al Nasr, rushed to protect Ronaldo. However, the excuse is very poor, so it is being criticized again. Al-Nasr’s club said of Ronaldo’s conduct, ‘According to confirmation, Ronaldo is suffering from an injury. He said the pain started from a blow to his sensitive area while competing with Al-Hilal player Queller. It is an explanation that Ronaldo was holding between the crotch because he was in pain, and that the pain was caused by being beaten by Queller.

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