“Believe in yourself” Lee Seung-yeop’s man… The 25-year-old central infielder has no doubts

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“I have a lot of confidence. I have to believe in myself.”

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop paid great attention to infielder Lee Yu-chan (25) while directing finishing training and spring camp. Even if Yoo-chan Lee hit 1 or 2 hits in the demonstration game and did a good job, “I haven’t even shown half of it yet. He is a player who can do better.”

A central infielder who joined in the 50th rank in the 2nd 5th round in 2017. Director Lee Seung-yeop believes that Yoo-chan will become the ‘post Kim Jae-ho’ and is giving him a chance. He seems to have judged that his shilling is greater than that of Ahn Jae-seok, whom the former manager had noticed. Even Ahn Jae-seok is not in the first team due to a recent back injury.

However, Lee Yu-chan was disappointing for the month of April. He went 9-for-48 with a batting average of 0.188, 2 RBI and 5 runs in 21 games. He was also often insecure on defense. In the end, coach Lee Seung-yeop recently assigned Lee Yu-chan to second base and Park Gye-beom as shortstop. Kang Seung-ho was also unable to establish himself at second base. For the time being, director Lee is likely to form a keystone combination with Park Gye-beom and Lee Yoo-chan.

Lee Yoo-chan is in good shape after he recently went to second base. On the 13th, the Jamsil KIA match showed tremendous defense more than once. In the ninth inning, he shifted and went out to the outfield, but he also showed off a feat of kicking a ball that was going to the right place with his unique quick feet and raising the outcount. His greatest strength is his fast feet and wide range of defense.

Hitting is also good. In May, in 9 games, he went 9 hits in 27 at bats with a batting average of 0.333, 5 RBIs and 4 runs. The match against Jamsil KIA on the 14th was also good with 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 3 at-bats. In fact, he has a weakness where his upper body floats when he hits. Commentator Lee Soon-cheol of SBS Sports pointed out this part while introducing the conversation with manager Lee Seung-yeop while broadcasting the match between Doosan and KIA on the 13th. He seems to have not been corrected clearly, but he left an evaluation that he was impressed with the way he worked hard and coped.

Head coach Lee Seung-yeop said, ahead of the Jamsil KIA game on the 13th, “Lee Yoo-chan seems to be comfortable with the movement at second base. He seems to have to go like this for the time being.” Lee Yoo-chan said after the game that day, “With the help of Coach Seong-hwan Cho, I did a lot of second base defense training. He told me ‘I can do well’ and ‘believe in myself’. He has a lot of confidence. All the while he doubted himself. If he doesn’t gain confidence with his defense, his hitting will also shrink.”

Manager Lee also seems to have the idea that Lee Yu-chan should eventually settle down as a shortstop. As the Kim Jae-ho-Oh Jae-won system disappears into the dark side of the years, the Doosan central infield issue must be established and resolved by Lee in some way.

Of course, Lee Yu-chan said,먹튀검증 “You have to do well wherever you go, regardless of where you are ‘comfortable’.” He expressed pride in the word post Kim Jae-ho. Lee Yu-chan said, “It is a grateful thing that Jae-ho’s story comes out. happy. I don’t want to tarnish Jaeho’s reputation. I want to show a sense of stability in defense like senior Jaeho.”

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