‘She’ mocked Samsung by saying, “I’d rather fold paper”… Turns out I’m a terrible ‘iPhone guy’

“If you want to fold something, fold paper” and “Just put a sausage in it” Joanna Stern, a tech columnist for the Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) who ridiculed Samsung’s foldable phone beyond criticism, has released a new phone that has been embroiled in controversy over heat generation and durability. Another one-sided evaluation of the iPhone 15 […]

The 10 billion won budget for the Armed Forces Day event was “not enough”… Cash and snacks ‘private sponsorship’

It was revealed that the Ministry of National Defense received donations and support from business groups and companies to hold a street parade event on the 75th anniversary of Armed Forces Day. According to the office of Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Seong-ju on the 27th, the Ministry of National Defense received a total of 35 […]

“Objects look curved and there are black spots in the field of vision… ”

Age -related macular degeneration ( AMD ) is a disease that causes vision problems due to changes in the macula ( yellow spot ) located in the center of the retina inside our eyes . The macula is 1.5 mm in diameter, has a yellowish color, and has the largest concentration of cells that absorb light. It is responsible for 90% of vision and plays […]

The ruling party rejects Lee Jae-myung’s warrant, saying, “The court surrenders to the bullshit.”

On the 27th, when the arrest warrant for Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, was dismissed, the People Power Party said, “In the end, the court gave in to the dog daughter (Representative Lee’s extreme supporter).” Chief Spokesperson Kang Min-guk said in a commentary on the day, “The court, which should be […]

“Do I really have to throw it now?”… Electric car reeling from three consecutive hits of bad news

As the United States and the European Union ( EU ) are competing to keep Chinese electric vehicles and batteries in check, uncertainty about electric vehicle investment is increasing. Due to China risk being added to the risk of a slowdown in demand and pressure to raise capital due to high interest rates, Wall Street is issuing orders […]