‘Aposite Induction’ Moon Jeong-won “I felt awkward wearing the same color uniform as my colleagues.”

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“This time, I felt awkward wearing the same color uniform as my colleagues.”

Moon Jeong-won (Korea Expressway Corporation)’s position is Apogee Spiker. In his team, he plays the so-called ‘receiving right’ position, where he participates in both receiving and attacking. This is a role that Moon Jeong-won is very familiar with.

However, he was called up to the national team as a libero. Although it is a position he has never played, he has strengths in receiving and defense, so he was given the Taegeuk mark.

Moon Jeong-won said, “I have never played libero, but I came to the national team as a libero. At first, it was awkward for me to wear a different color uniform than my teammates.”

He gradually adapted to the libero position through the VNL (Volleyball Nations League) and Asian Championship. He was also getting a feel for his duties on defense.

Immediately after the Asian Championship ended, Coach Cesar discussed with Jeong-won Moon about carrying out the duties of the Apogee Spiker position. Moon Jeong-won nodded because it was a familiar position.

Moon Jeong-won prepared as an Apogee Spiker for the match against Poland in Group C of the final qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics held at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, Poland on the 18th.

This time he wore the same color uniform as his teammates. It’s been a while.

Jeong-won Moon said with a smile, “It was a different feeling from the VNL or the Asian Championship. As a libero and wearing the same color uniform as my teammates, I thought, ‘Is this right?'”

The awkwardness was just the color of the uniform.

After giving up the first set, Korea conceded five consecutive points in the second set, 14-14. Moon Jeong-won contributed with sharp serves followed by receiving and digs. He energized the team.

In particular, the scene where Stysiak’s attack was lifted was a moment of reversal in the second set. Immediately after Moon Jeong-won’s introduction, Poland’s토토사이트attack success rate dropped and they allowed the score to be tied, but Korea did not miss the opportunity and came back from behind to win the set.

The fact that they were evenly matched until the third set was tied at 18-18 was also due to Moon Jeong-won’s performance.

After the match, Moon Jeong-won looked back on the match, saying, “All the players tried to do everything. Except for the last set, it was a close match.”

At the same time, he smiled and said, “There is no pressure if I go into Apo work. It’s something I always do in road construction.”

Moon Jeong-won hesitated at his first opportunity to attack and made a mistake, but when the second chance came, he scored with a quick swing. It was a moment when volleyball, played in the V-League, was also used on the international stage.

Moon Jeong-won said, “I just think I have to help the national team.” He continued, “Since I came here, my schedule is really tight. I also have to take care of my body on my own. Until now, I only understood why (Park) Jeong-ah had such a hard time when she returned to the national team, but I couldn’t physically feel it. Now, after experiencing it, I can clearly see that “I get it. What I’m thinking these days is, ‘How did Jeong-ah endure it?’ Right now, I feel my limits and am trying to overcome them,” he added.

In the national team, Moon Jeong-won learns and learns. Moon Jeong-won said, “First of all, I’m learning a lot about defense from (Kim) Yeon-gyeon. Yeon-gyeon also asks me about receiving. We talk to each other a lot.

I am also feeling the presence of the older sisters who have been with me on my team. Moon Jeong-won said, “If I recall her previous memories, Hyo-sam (coach Hyo-hee Lee) even told her the direction of attack when she was active, saying, ‘Jeong-won, I’ll give it to you now.’ If you followed it, you would score a point. “I couldn’t even block,” she said.

Now, Jeong-won Moon wants to try this type of volleyball with her juniors. To do so, communication is necessary.

Jeong-won Moon said, “There is a big age difference between me and my juniors. (Lee) Seonwoo and I are 11 years older than each other. I think I need to talk a lot to quickly catch the thoughts of my juniors. My role is to help my juniors play volleyball as easily and comfortably as possible. “In the end, my job is to cover,” he said.

He is also greedy. Moon Jeong-won said, “I want to finish the remaining games well here in Poland. And I want to win a medal at the Asian Games. “I will communicate more with my colleagues,” he said.

Moon Jeong-won is bringing vitality to the national team in various roles, from the unfamiliar Ribe to the familiar Apogee Spiker.

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