An outsider dressed in hanbok – Celebrating New Year’s Day

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Foreign players dressed in hanbok showed big smiles. He was very excited about the nation’s biggest holiday, Lunar New Year.

Ahead of the 2023 season, 바카라사이트 K-League players are sweating in their respective seats. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, where the largest number of teams have used as a winter camp training ground, a small but warm holiday atmosphere was formed ahead of the Lunar New Year.

Smiles were on the faces of the foreign players who took part in the Lunar New Year for the first time in their lives. Yuri Jonatan (Jeju United) said, “I filmed a New Year’s Eve video at the club. I learned about New Year’s Day while wearing hanbok and playing traditional games. I want to experience it myself in Korea, but it’s unfortunate that I’m in training. I think it will help me adapt to the game. I will try to feel and accept it.” Yuri dressed up in hanbok with other foreign players and bowed to coach Nam Ki-il. Director Nam smiled broadly and handed me 1,000 baht (about 40,000 won) as newbie money.

Busan I-Park’s ‘new power’ Pesin was also excited at the Lunar New Year. He said, “Actually, I didn’t know the concept of Lunar New Year. However, I’m looking forward to it just because it’s the biggest holiday in Korea. Although Lunar New Year’s morning hasn’t come yet, I’m already excited.”

Paul-José Mpoku (Incheon United) also said, “I heard that Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday in Korea. I know the meaning of Lunar New Year’s Day to Koreans. I hope you have a good time with your family. Happy New Year.”

It is not only foreign players who are going to ‘welcome the New Year’ in a foreign country. Korean players also celebrated the Lunar New Year at the battery training site. Koo Ja-cheol (Jeju), who celebrated the Lunar New Year with Korean players after a long time, said, “I have lived abroad for a long time to the point that I forgot when the Lunar New Year was. I’m training, but I’ll enjoy the atmosphere.”

Domestic players once again strengthened their resolve for the new season in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Lee Han-do (Busan) said, “Soccer players train or play matches every Lunar New Year and Chuseok. Now they are calm. I will celebrate the Lunar New Year with my colleagues. I will work hard to prepare for the new season here.”

Kim Do-hyeok (Incheon) said, “I haven’t been able to do overseas training for a while due to Corona 19. I’m doing overseas training for the first time in a while. I’m full of anticipation. I’ll prepare well for the season so that sweat and effort don’t betray me. I’m celebrating New Year’s Day in Thailand. Tteokguk We plan to play yutnori by dividing the teams into teams. Our team will definitely come in first place and share the joy of victory with fans on personal SNS (social media). I hope all fans have a happy New Year’s Eve with their families. Happy New Year Get it,” he said.

Although it was not a New Year’s Eve in Korea, it was the same as a plentiful holiday in Thailand.

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