An elementary school student who was avoiding a kick, ‘knocked up’ by a passing car ‥ “Is this also the owner’s negligence?”

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An alleyway in Seocho-gu, Seoul last October토토사이트.

A white car drives straight ahead, pulled close to the right side of the road.

However, one of the children playing in the group fell onto the vehicle and stepped on the rear wheel.

The accident occurred while trying to avoid the kick of a female student.

[Han Moon-cheol/Lawyer]
“That elementary school girl kicked a roundabout kick. He got the roundabout kick! Ah…”

The driver of the vehicle who reported the video said, “From the time we entered the alley, there were students, so I pulled over to the opposite sidewalk as much as possible. He said, “The girl’s kick caused the boy to hit the car, and the student’s heel went into the back wheel of my car.”

However, it was reported that the parents of the injured students were in a position that the borrower was also at fault.

The driver said, “The sudden behavior of the students was unpredictable,” and “the insurance company insisted on my negligence and told me to withdraw the insurance premium, but the parents of the injured students said they could not admit my negligence.”

“Even though the insurance company that the female student who kicked said they would compensate, they are not acknowledging our withdrawal.”

Attorney Han Moon-cheol, who introduced the story, advised, “It seems that there is no need for compensation from the driver’s side insurance company.”

A lawyer said that even if the case goes to the police, it seems worth fighting over.

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