All scores from 1st to 6th are reflected in the top ranks… After all, ‘goal’ refers to the score

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In the end, it is a multi-score.

The K-League prioritizes goals over goal difference. It reflects the meaning of encouraging attacking soccer. If you look at the leaderboards up to round 6 this season, even if they don’t match 100%, they match to some extent. Until the 6th round, the 1st to 6th places are all placed in the 6th place.

The top scorer is Daejeon Hana Citizen, a promoted team. He scored 14 goals in 6 matches. Daejeon only scored no points against Pohang Steelers in the third round, but scored two or more goals in all of the remaining five games. It is hitting the K League 1 stage with such hot attack power. Daejeon, which suffered its first loss in the 6th round, is in 4th place with 11 points.

Next are Ulsan Hyundai (13 goals) and FC Seoul (12 goals). Ulsan is enjoying 6 consecutive victories in the opening season, and various scoring routes such as Rubikson (4 goals), Joo Min-gyu (3 goals), and Eom Won-sang (2 goals) are impressive. Seoul, too, has changed and scored two goals per game. With this score, Ulsan is in the lead and Seoul is in 3rd place. Pohang (10 goals), which is ranked 4th in scoring, is in 2nd place with the least points conceded and secured 14 points.

Gwangju FC and Suwon FC, who scored 8 goals, are maintaining 5th and 6th places. In particular, Suwon FC scored 5 goals in the 6th round match and won 3 points. It was a match where Suwon FC’s signature hot offense was properly displayed.

The lower ranks are all struggling with poor scoring support. From 9th place Incheon United (5 goals), there is less than one goal per game. Suwon Samsung, at the bottom, has 5 goals in 6 matches. No goals from the front striker. It is not the bottom of the scoring category, but it has not scored more than two goals in a single game. Gangwon FC is the same. Gangwon (3 goals) is the lowest in the scoring category. Two of the three goals were also the opponent’s own goals and penalty kicks. 3 out of 6 matches are scoreless. Suwon (2 wins and 4 losses) and Gangwon (3 draws and 3 losses) are the only teams that have yet to win their first win of the season. Although they succeeded in winning one game, Jeju United is also being held back by their poor scoring ability at the beginning of the season. 4 goals in 6 matches.

Veteran Gangwon coach Choi Yong-soo also said,토토사이트 “In soccer, you have to score goals. “The K-League trend is a trend of unconditionally scoring and winning games rather than trying to score points while keeping the flow as in the past.” It means that it is not easy to survive by managing the game by scoring and defending one goal.

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