All approval ratings were blown due to poor construction… They said they were angry with ‘the same thing’ 30 years ago

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Last April, the collapse of the parking lot at the construction site of an apartment in Geomdan New Town, and the ‘barely killed apartment’ situation is spreading.

On the 9th, the Korea Land and Housing Corporation ( LH ) announced that it would conduct an emergency inspection, saying that it had found 10 more Muryangpan structure apartments subject to inspection.

President Yoon Seok-yeol also said at a cabinet meeting earlier this month, “Relevant ministries must come up with measures to correct chronic wrong practices in the construction industry.” I have emphasized.

In fact, it is not uncommon for the president to directly comment on poor construction practices. In the case of this situation, there is an aspect that the controversy has spread more because it is not a problem at a specific construction site, but because it has made many apartment residents across the country tremble with anxiety designed with a similar structure. Rumors are circulating that apartments built since the late 2010s, when real estate prices skyrocketed, did not have enough materials in general, and consumers are avoiding new apartments.

Seongsu Bridge Collapse, Sampoong Department Store CollapseDuring his tenure, former President Kim Young-sam was hit hard politically by the collapse of Seongsu Bridge and the collapse of Sampoong Department Store. The collapse of the Seongsu Bridge killed 32 people, and the collapse of the Sampoong Department Store killed 502 people.

In fact, considering the time when these buildings were built, it may be unfair at first glance that former President Kim takes all the responsibility. This is because the problem was triggered by a relatively lack of awareness of safety during the period of high growth.

In a special statement issued after the collapse of the Seongsu Bridge in 1994, former President Kim pointed out this fact and said, “In this era, the responsibility to prepare for the possibility of such incidents and accidents has been given to us in the future.”

He continued, “I am acutely aware of the responsibility from the viewpoint that this incident did not happen, but was created.” One public official emphasized, “We will be strict regardless of position.”

In a speech announcing the site area as a ‘special disaster area’ after the collapse of Sampoong Department Store in 1995, former President Kim said, “We will revise construction-related laws to banish poor construction and establish a safety culture. Companies that pursue profit without taking care of the safety of the people will be unable to take a foothold in our society.”

From the real-name financial system to the ‘real-name토토사이트 construction system’…”To clarify responsibility for insolvent construction”The identity of the construction-related law improvement policy mentioned by former President Kim can be found in a special conference for the 30th anniversary of the founding of the newspaper in 1996 with the Maeil Business Newspaper.

Receiving a question from a reporter at the time about the culture of insensitivity to safety, former President Kim said, “In order to fundamentally prevent disasters, not only are we closely examining vulnerable elements in all fields, but we are also implementing the real-name system from design to construction to banish insolvent construction. It was introduced to clarify responsibility.” It is thanks to the real-name construction system that was introduced at that time that signs with information such as the name of the construction, ,period, and owner can be easily found today.

In his speech for the 1998 budget proposal submission, he said, “The government has designated and intensively managed over 5,500 various disaster risk facilities nationwide in accordance with the ‘Disaster Management Act’ enacted in 1995.” We are also focusing on improving the system to increase the effectiveness of disaster management, such as improving construction-related systems and supplementing safety-related laws.”

The President’s Speech In this episode, we are going to find records that mention insolvent construction. A case in which the problem of poor construction, which is rare among previous presidential speeches, appeared was also caused by a major accident that made the whole nation tremble. It is an issue worth watching to see how the controversy over poor construction, which had a huge political impact at the time, will end this time.

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