Ahn Jung-hwan mentioned as Bento’s successor “You didn’t even check with me… absurd”

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Ahn Jung-hwan, MBC commentator, expressed his position that the rumors about the next coach of the Korean national soccer team were groundless.

In an interview with the JoongAng Ilbo on the 12th, Jung Jae-hoon, CEO of Moro Sports, Ahn Jung-hwan’s soccer agent, said, “I am grateful for the interest in Ahn Jung-hwan, but an absurd article about the next coach of the national team came out.” ”he said.

Regarding this, Ahn Jung-hwan said to CEO Jeong, “Why do you let people talk about this for such an absurd reason without asking me or checking me? I don’t think it makes sense that I stand in the ranks of directors Kim Hak-beom and Choi Yong-soo. I lack the ability,” he said.

Representative Jeong said, “If you post speculation on the important issue of the national team coach, have you thought about the position of the person concerned, soccer fans, and the public?” said

Ahn Jung-hwan plans to gradually reduce his TV program schedule after the Qatar World Cup. He is said to be considering overseas training after completing leadership training.

Previously, Sports Chunchu reporter Park Dong-hee appeared on YTN Radio’s ‘News King Park Ji-hoon’ on the 8th and said, “Some football association officials mentioned that, and one of the reasons for appointing a (domestic) 토토사이트 coach was patriotism,” said Gangwon FC coach Choi Yong-soo. and former U-23 national team coach Kim Hak-beom were being discussed. Reporter Park said, “There is even talk of Ahn Jung-hwan, who is commentating on soccer,” and the host said, “It seems to be correct to say that Ahn Jung-hwan is a broadcaster.” After that, reports continued that the Football Association was considering three people to succeed Paulo Bento.

On the 10th, the Korea Football Association said, “We express serious concern about the indiscriminate speculative reports about the appointment of a new national team coach.” Even absurd conditions such as ‘a patriotic leader’ are being reported. The above information is completely untrue.” The association said, “With all possibilities open, we will start by establishing the direction our national team will go in the future.”

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