After the bad luck, the sluggishness… Submarine Ace Episode 5 Steel Sumo, Cry Choi Cries Again

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This year’s Doosan submarine ace, Choi Won-joon, doesn’t have much luck. He managed to overcome the bad luck of winning in Gocheok, but this time he was caught in a slump.

Choi Won-joon started the 6th game of the season against KT in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 21st and won 4th loss (1 win) of the season with 7 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 1 strikeout and 5 runs in 4 innings. got hit 

He faltered from the first inning with a one-run lead. It was the cause of the incident that Kim Min-hyeok was sent to the sand dunes after the first incident. He followed up Moon Sang-cheol with a fly ball to center fielder, but Park Byeong-ho hit a painful 1 RBI double to tie the game. 

In times 2 and 3, I found temporary stability. In the 2nd inning, with the help of center fielder Jo Su-haeng’s defense, he played the first tripartite inning, and in the 3rd inning, Kang Baek-ho hit 1 out and 1 baseman Kim Min-hyuk and Moon Sang-cheol in a row. 

Choi Won-jun was shaken again in the 4th inning when the match was 1-1. Following Park Byeong-ho’s heavy hit from the lead, he met Jang Seong-woo and dedicated a two-run home run that gave him the lead on the first pitch. Afterwards, Lee Ho-yeon and Park Kyung-soo were hit consecutively, and Lee Si-won, who went on base with a bunt hit, failed to steal the base, ending the inning.

In the top of the 5th inning, Choi Won-joon reached the bottom of the 5th with Park Gye-beom tying the score 3-3. But he never found peace. He gave up the lead again after leading Kim Sang-soo’s double, followed by Kang Baek-ho’s 1 RBI and timely hit.

Choi Won-joon’s role ended here. He ended the game unfortunately, replacing Hyung-beom Lee as the first baseman in the 5th inning, trailing 3-4. 67 pitches. Afterwards, Lee Hyeong-beom hit Kim Min-hyeok with an RBI double, and one successor hit home. The final score is 5 points. 

Choi Won-joon, who won 12 wins in 2021 and rose to Doosan’s native ace. However, this year was plagued by extreme bad luck. After the opening, until the match against Lotte on May 10, they achieved 4 quality starts, including 3 quality start pluses, but suffered only 3 losses without winning. Coincidentally, every time Choi Won-joon started, the batting line was silent. 

On the 16th, Choi Won-joon had a good fight with 6 innings and 1 run against Gocheok Kiwoom, and finally received support from the other line and won his first thrilling victory. But was it impossible to rest for four days? In the game against KT on this day, his pitch became duller than before, and he dedicated 3 long hits out of 7 hits. Although the number of pitches was only 67, the Doosan bench eventually made a decision to crush the native ace in the middle of the 5th inning. 먹튀검증

Choi Won-joon’s season record was 1 win 4 losses in 8 games with an ERA of 4.30. It is not easy to challenge double-digit wins in two years.

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