Adaptation is over ‘83.1 billion league 1 goal’ Tottenham’s worst FW, “next season is his”

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‘Brazilian senior’ Dante believed that Richarlison would be resurrected next season.

This season, Tottenham Hotspur actively reinforced during the summer transfer market. Among them, the player who invested the most transfer fee was Richarlison. After making his debut on the English stage at Watford, he moved to Everton in the 2018-19 season and served as an ace for four seasons. Every season he posted double-digit offensive points in the league, and last season he struggled, recording 10 goals and 5 assists even in difficult conditions for the team.

He was expected so much. As much as he is a versatile player, he looked to ease the burden on Harry Kane, Son Heung-min and Dejan Kulusevski.

But he was not active. He was unable to maintain his position due to sluggishness and injuries, and during the season, he publicly sniped En Antonio Conte and became a rumor. He scored just one goal in 25 league games, and even when he extended his reach to cup competitions, he scored just three goals. He started all of the recent League 2 matches, but he didn’t show anything like this. Even as the season ends, as there is no sign of his revival, local voices criticizing him are growing.

Of course, there were also defending opinions. Dante, a senior in the Brazilian national team, said that Richarlison would be revived next season. In an interview with French media ‘Walfoot’, he said, “Richallisson is a fighting player and has a good character. I believe that next season will be his.”

“It’s really hard to adapt and move to another team, because everything changes at once. Coach Conte’s departure must have affected him, too. It’s not easy, especially for the strikers,” said Hishali. I wanted to understand Song’s situation.

On the other hand, there were rumors of a transfer after one season. The news was that Roma, led by manager Jose Mourinho, were after him. Italian media ‘Il Romanista’ said, “Coach Mourinho is interested in signing Richarlison. Tottenham is also ready to hear about his offer.”

I cannot confirm the possibility.스포츠토토 Richarlison’s contract with Tottenham has four years remaining. Considering the remaining contract period and the amount invested at the time of the transfer, the amount Tottenham will demand is expected to be considerable. In that respect, it is unclear whether Rome, which lacks enough capital, can meet the amount.

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