Ace cold body → pitcher with a total of 106 holds, starting in 1829 days… Should kt ​​defend the 8th place?

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KT Wiz bullpen pitcher Ju Kwon (28) starts in 1829 days. Can he add strength to the team’s 8th-ranked shooter?먹튀검증

kt announced the right-handed pitcher’s sovereignty as the starting pitcher for the Kiwoom Heroes game of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ to be held at Suwon kt Wiz Park on the 11th. According to plan, Koh Young-pyo, who started the game against the Lotte Giants in Sajik on the 6th, was scheduled to appear, but decided to take a break due to flu symptoms.

Ju Kwon has experience as a starting pitcher, but has recently pitched more often as a relief pitcher. His last start was against Suwon Kiwoom on June 8, 2018 (5 innings, 8 hits and 4 runs), 1829 days have passed. From the 2019 season, he changed his position and took part in the winning group with 99 holds in the last five seasons.

It is a crisis for kt. Starting with the game against Lotte during the week, they played an extended game for two consecutive days (7th to 8th), and the day before (10th), starting pitcher Lee Seon-woo, they actually went out as a bullpen day. Key bullpen pitchers such as Kim Jae-yoon, Park Young-hyeon, Son Dong-hyeon, and Kim Min-soo pitched for three consecutive days on weekdays and weekends.

Ju Kwon has never pitched as long an inning as a recent starting pitcher. Gyeonggi-do bullpen day is expected on the 11th. This is the worst situation for kt, which has accumulated bullpen fatigue.

With the defeat on this day, kt is being chased by ‘0.5’ in the game difference to Kiwoom in 9th place. The situation where the red light was turned on for the 8th shooter. Can the sovereignty that shines with a total of 106 holds save the team from a crisis?

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