A total of 1291 game veterans last year’without existence’… Why do you still need them

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“Last year, there were almost none.”

The LG Twins are challenging the presidency. This season, we plan to actively utilize veterans who did not receive many opportunities last season.

LG is putting veterans in the second half of the game during the demonstration game. Outfielder Lee Chun-woong (35) and infielders Kim Min-seong (35) and Jung Joo-hyun (33) are among them.

Among them, Lee Chun-woong and Jung Ju-hyeon’s appearances stand out. Lee Chun-woong is a veteran who has played 618 games and Jung Joo-hyun has played 673 games in total. At one time, he joined the first team entry and performed a lot in air defense, but he was pushed by younger players last year and did not get a chance to play. Lee Cheon-woong played 19 games in the first team in 2022, and Jung Joo-hyun could not play a single game.

Lee Cheon-woong and Jung Joo-hyun were concerned about whether they could play in the first team again. It was a harsh reality for a veteran with a reduced position, but LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop expressed his intention to use them to run the team.

Coach Yeom said, “You shouldn’t ignore seniors. They have a role. To solve important situations such as pinch hitters in the second half of the game, you must have experience. “he explained.

“Lee Cheon-woong and Jung Joo-hyun were rarely like last year. However, players like Lee Cheon-woong, Jung Joo-hyun, Kim Min-seong and Seo Geon-chang (34) must survive so the team can win in critical situations.” (Seo) Geon-chang last year “I couldn’t play my role as a veteran. Those important players have to play individual roles, but their positions and technical aspects have been shaken. Now, they are stabilizing a lot. (Lee) Cheonwoong is also preparing better through motivation.” added.

There is another reason why coach Yeom wants to use veterans. The presence of veterans is also necessary to create the ‘best team’ that the command tower envisions. “The best team has a lot of young players as the starting lineup. Seniors backing up 70 to 80 games and supporting the starting lineup is a team with a good future. We can make it. Now we are getting those configurations little by little.”

Continuing, “The starting line should be raised with young players. At the same time, I think LG’s unique culture is important, whereby players who have been the starting liners and players who have not been the starting liners but have potential as backups can play baseball for a long time.” did.

LG plans to include young players such as Moon Sung-joo (26), Lee Jae-won (24), and Moon Bo-kyung (23) as their starting lineup this season.먹튀검증 Attention is focusing on whether veterans will be able to revitalize baseball, which is dominated by young players drawn by coach Yeom.

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