A teacher with 35 years of experience who replaced a deceased teacher in Daejeon also resigned after suffering from the ‘Gang of Four’.

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In relation to an incident in Daejeon where an elementary school teacher made an extreme choice after suffering from malicious complaints from parents, a 35-year veteran teacher who had worked as a substitute for the teacher when she was on sick leave four years ago also quit midway because she could not endure the abusive language from students in question and complaints from parents. It was found that

According to the Daejeon Teachers’ Union on the 19th, Teacher A (deceased), who was working as a first-grade homeroom teacher at an elementary school in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, took sick leave in November 2019 after suffering from a violation of his teaching rights due to malicious complaints from parents. Then, the school hired Teacher B instead of Teacher A on the condition that he only work for the remainder of the semester (on a fixed-term basis). Teacher B was a veteran teacher who retired after teaching for 35 years, but he too could not endure the situation and quit after just 10 days.

An official from the Daejeon Teachers’ Union said, “Teacher B was greatly shocked by the four problematic students who had experienced difficulties during the student guidance process of Teacher A at the time.” He added, “When the parents of the students in question filed a complaint regarding the legitimate guidance of students, they were under severe stress. “I said I quit after receiving it,” he said.

According to what Teacher B reported to the Daejeon Teachers’ Union, Teacher B was said to have heard unspeakable words from a student in the process of teaching the subject matter that was lacking. The student repeated the phrase “North Daejeon IC arm, North Daejeon IC arm” in front of the teacher and asked, “Did you swear?”, and he responded, “Just North Daejeon ICIt is said that he replied, “I was talking about “. At the time, Teacher B told the teachers’ union that he remembered the four problem students in the class as △ a child who swears △ a child who bullies his partner △ a child who makes noise often △ a child who folds paper. .

Teacher B, who was having such a hard time teaching students, eventually토토사이트 decided to quit teaching again after a parent recklessly filed a complaint. One of the ‘Gang of Four’ harassed a classmate by severely pinching the back of the hand, and the offending student A parent filed a complaint, saying, “It is unpleasant that the child was called separately to teach,” and Teacher B is said to have resigned out of despair that he could no longer teach the students. An official from the Daejeon Teachers’ Union said, “Teacher B received complaints even though he gave legitimate guidance

. He expressed his frustration and resentment, saying that he could no longer work because there was nothing he could do even if his teaching rights were violated by a student. Lee Yun-kyung, president of the Daejeon Teachers’ Union, said, “The Daejeon Elementary School incident shows all the cases of violation of teaching rights that teachers can face.” “He said, “Teacher A, who died, endured unbearable pain alone,” and added, “Even though it is a social death created by a teaching society without a protection system for teaching rights, the reality of teachers having to fight and endure it alone has not changed at all.”

Teacher A made an extreme choice at home on the 5th of this month and was taken to the hospital, but died two days later. He was found to have suffered greatly for several years due to malicious complaints from parents at the elementary school where he worked in 2019 .The bereaved family and the teachers’ union decided to demand an apology from parents who filed malicious complaints and hold them legally accountable.

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