A reliable goalkeeper, I do not envy ten goalscorers… Jeju Kim Dong-joon is like that.

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Did the mistake against Ulsan become medicine? National team goalkeeper Kim Dong-joon (29, Jeju) plays a role as the number one contributor to Jeju’s rebound by ‘hard carrying’ day after day.

Kim Dong-joon, a regular member of Bentuho, supported the team’s 3-2 come-from-behind victory by recording 6 saves in the 7th round of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ against Suwon Samsung held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 15th. In the 7th minute of the first half, in a set piece situation, he conceded the first goal to Suwon Basani and was drawn 0-1. Kim Dong-jun, who injured his neck in the process of conceding the first goal, blocked Mulich in the 31st minute of the first half and Basani in the 36th minute of the second half in a state of not optimal condition.

Thanks to Kim Dong-Jun’s strong defense of the goal, Jeju was able to gain momentum for the chase. Jeju, who returned the game to the starting point in the 21st minute with Yuri Jonatan’s equalizer, quickly widened the score with Hayes’ consecutive goals in the 3rd and 17th minutes of the second half. In the 34th minute of the second half, Yoo Je-ho allowed a chase goal with a mid-range shot, but finished the remaining time without conceding a goal.

In the last 6th round away game in Gangwon, Kim Dong-joon saved Yang Hyeon-joon’s mid-range shot and Lim Chang-woo’s volley in front of the goal. Jeju, who reported their first win of the season against Gangwon 1-0, succeeded in rebounding with two consecutive victories and three victories in a row, including the FA Cup 3rd round against Changwon City Hall. Jeju, who fell to the bottom in the 5th round, recorded 8 points and jumped to 7th place.

In the home game against Ulsan in the 5th round, Kim Dong-jun provided an excuse for an additional goal by mishandling the ball in a dangerous area. The match, which was completely defeated 1-3 in front of the home fans, was a stimulus, and since then, it has been performing like a ‘National Guard’ for two consecutive matches.

Kim Dong-jun is performing best among the K-League 1 goalkeepers in difficult times for the team. He saved 25 of 37 shots on target. The save rate of 67.57% is the highest among all goalkeepers. Kim Dong-jun is running first in catching (14) and punching (11). He also ranks first in goalkeeper interceptions (28). It means that he is also doing well in the role of the ‘last defender’ who clears the goal and runs out to deal with it.

Jeju coach Nam Ki-il said,안전놀이터 “The players felt disappointed in the game against Ulsan. In the two consecutive matches after that game, players including Kim Dong-jun showed a different appearance. The Ulsan game seems to have turned into a medicine as a result.” Kim Dong-jun complained of neck and shoulder pain and numbness in his arm at the Suwon match. As soon as he finishes his vacation, he plans to conduct an overhaul. Jeju seems to hope that Kim Dong-jun will play normally in the 8th round home game against Jeonbuk on the 23rd as he shows a special presence.

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