A heart that is not shaken by rumors of transfer… Kane still loves Tottenham

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Harry Kane’s heart toward Tottenham Hotspur remains the same.

Kane has been strongly linked with Manchester United lately. Manchester United, who won the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) this season and escaped from ineligibility after 6 years, will challenge the English Premier League (EPL) and European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) results next season. They were trying to recruit a striker, but Kane was selected as the top priority recruitment candidate.

Kane’s situation also gave strength to the transfer rumor. Kane has been active as a top-notch EPL striker for several seasons and is still in his prime. But Kane’s trophy case was empty. The story itself that Kane, who is trying to lift a trophy before his heyday passes, will move to a team with aspirations to win is a reasonable claim. It is expected that Manchester United and Kane can fill each other’s wants.

In the midst of this,바카라 Tottenham fans are trembling with anxiety as there is no news that Kane will renew his contract with Tottenham. Kane’s contract period will enter the final year after this season. Tottenham are reportedly still sticking to their stance that they will not sell Kane, but given the length of Kane’s contract, no one knows what will happen as the upcoming summer transfer window is effectively their last chance to sell Kane for a transfer fee. I do not know.

Transfer rumors are constantly coming out, but Kane himself doesn’t seem to be shaken. England’s ‘The Athletic’ published an article dealing with Kane’s transfer situation, and there was also content about how Kane was dealing with the transfer rumor.

‘The Athletic’ said, “If Kane leaves Tottenham, he is determined to leave through the front door. Kane’s love for the club is clear.” Explained.

Also, Kane is thinking of focusing on the rest of the season right now. Tottenham plans to challenge to acquire the UCL ticket until the end of the season, and Kane is also trying to add strength to it. Because he helps himself too. The media said, “Kane’s priority is to finish the season with Tottenham highly rated.”

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