‘9 Words and 10 Seconds’ is already fully booked… Domestic demand expected, but “half effect”

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As the Chuseok holiday extends to 6 days due to the designation as a temporary public holiday, the number of people making travel plans to reflect this has increased. The government is hoping to boost domestic demand, but it remains to be seen whether it will be as effective as expected as demand for overseas travel also increases.

Reporter Kim Hye-min reports.


Even though it is a weekday afternoon, the domestic departure hall of Gimpo Airport is crowded with travelers.

Many people have already made their schedules taking into account the Chuseok holiday, which has now lasted six days.

[Kim Eun-kyung/Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do: The Chuseok holiday is long, so I went down to see my son who is attending school in Jeju Island, spent some time, and plan to come back after Chuseok.] As a temporary public holiday, the Chuseok holiday has been extended to 6 days먹튀검증, and we are taking a short vacation here

. You can take up to 12 days off until Hangul Day.

Famous domestic hotels are close to full occupancy for the Chuseok holiday, and airlines have additionally increased temporary flights.

It is already difficult to reserve airline tickets during the 9th and 10th major time zones.

[Kim Hyun-jin/Dongjak-gu, Seoul: I wanted to stay on Jeju Island until early October after Chuseok. Because it was Chuseok, the ones coming to Gimpo were sold out, so there weren’t many seats. Unfortunately, I have to come back before Chuseok… .]

Korean Air increased flights to Jeju by 26, and Asiana also increased flights to Jeju and Gwangju by 9.

As the holidays get longer, the number of people turning to overseas travel is also increasing significantly.

In the case of Hana Tour, reservation rates in Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia increased by 33% compared to before the temporary public holiday designation was announced.

The government hopes to boost domestic demand by calling the holidays a ‘optimal time for domestic travel’, but some say it will only have a ‘half effect’.

[Professor Byeong-Hoon Seok / Department of Economics, Ewha Womans University: The effect of boosting domestic demand is expected to be smaller than the government’s prediction. Recently, prices at domestic travel destinations have risen significantly, leading to a growing perception that overseas travel is cheaper than domestic travel.] There are more Chinese tourists

. To encourage domestic consumption, the government waives group visa fees and holds various shopping events.

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