6.3 million people went overseas, 1.03 million people went to Korea… ‘Travel balance deficit’ growing bigger and bigger

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It has been shown that the number of overseas travelers during summer vacation has increased significantly. In July, while 6.3 million people went abroad, only 1 million foreign tourists came into the country, leading to a growing travel deficit.

This is reporter Oh Won-seok.


This is the Incheon Airport passenger terminal this day.

Travelers heading to China are waiting in long lines to check in their luggage.

[Lee Myeong-jo/Jaesong-dong, Busan: I’m going on a trip to Shanghai 토토사이트for 5 days and 4 nights, focusing on the Oriental Pearl Tower. Before the coronavirus, I often traveled to Beijing, China, but after the coronavirus, I couldn’t go, so I’m going for the first time in a long time.] Proportion of reservations by region for travelers scheduled to depart this

month Southeast Asia had the highest rate at 42%, followed by Japan (23.9%) and China (11.0%). After the Chinese government resumed issuance of tourist visas for foreigners last March, travel agencies began launching Chinese package products one after another in Korea.

In fact, the number of travelers who went abroad in July was 6.3 million, more than three times more than a year ago.

It is said that the number of foreign tourists coming into the country increased in the same month, but the number was 1.03 million, which is far lower than the number of travelers going abroad.

Because of this, Korea’s travel balance recorded a deficit of $1.43 billion last July.

It is double the level from a year ago.

The tourism industry expects that the number of tourists visiting Korea will increase in the future as China allows group tourists to Korea from the 9th of this month.

However, considering the rapid increase in the number of people booking overseas trips after the Chuseok holiday was confirmed to last 6 days, it is predicted that the travel balance deficit may increase further for the time being.

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