5th inning, one point difference, 1st and 2nd base crisis, but Kim Myung-shin, not Kim Yoo-seong, a newcomer… Was this the best

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The Doosan Bears tasted a painful losing series against the Hanwha Eagles, which were at the bottom of the league. One pitcher change from a tight match in the middle of the game completely tilted the pendulum of the game. It could have been too much of a burden for rookie Kim Yoo-sung to make his home debut. How would it have been if Kim Myung-shin had been put in quickly in a one-point situation?

Doosan lost 3-10 at Hanwha in Jamsil on May 4th. Doosan, who suffered two losses in a row with this defeat, fell to 5th place in the league with 13 wins, 1 draw and 13 losses in the season.

On this day, Doosan posted Dylan’s file on the starting mound, making his debut in the KBO League. Dylan cruised without a big crisis until the 3rd inning and ran fast. However, Dylan suddenly began to falter as he gave up a two-run homer to Kim In-hwan after being hit with a solo shot by Roh Si-hwan in the beginning of the 4th inning.

Doosan, who had been deprived of 3 points first, launched a counterattack immediately at the end of the 4th inning. With Yang Seok-Hwan’s walk and Heo Kyung-Min’s hit, Rojas hit a lucky double with two RBIs that fell between the left fielder and third baseman at the right time.

Doosan, who reached the beginning of the 5th inning in a 2-3 game, continued to put Dylan on the mound. Dylan, who set the number of pitches around 80 on that day and went up, continued to throw even though the pitch limit was approaching. After getting a right-handed hit by lead batter Noh Soo-gwang, Dylan finally allowed Jung Eun-won to walk.

The Doosan bench took out the bullpen card in the crisis of 1st and 2nd base. In the pursuit by one point, the pitcher chosen by the Doosan bench was none other than Kim Yu-seong. Rookie Kim Yoo-seong had to make his home debut in a very tight situation. The opposing batter also started with Noh Si-hwan, and the center batting line continued.

As feared, Kim Yoo-seong was not able to control himself under the burdensome situation. Kim Yoo-seong, who gave a straight walk to Roh Si-hwan, bowed his head as the second 145km/h fastball he threw to Chae Eun-seong led to a home run that went over the left fence.

It was already spilled water, but the Doosan bench kept Kim Yu-seong on the mound. Kim Yu-seong gave up three more walks, then allowed an RBI and a timely hit from Jang Jin-hyeok, and an additional run after being hit by a sacrifice fly ball from Noh Su-gwang. With 6 runs in the top of the 5th inning, it was the moment that virtually completely gave up the game.

Doosan bench put Kim Yu-seong on the mound in the beginning of the 6th inning. After Kim Yoo-seong hit a home run by Roh Si-hwan, Chae Eun-seong allowed a straight walk and completely collapsed. It was only then that Doosan bench lowered Kim Yu-seong and put Kim Myung-shin on the mound. Afterwards, Kim Myung-shin effectively blocked the Hanwha lineup with 1 hit, 2 strikeouts and no runs in 3 innings.

As a result, there is no choice but to have a big question about the selection of the starting order of Kim Myung-shin and Kim Yu-seong. In the early 5th inning with a one-point difference, the Doosan bench chose Kim Myung-shin, who is more stable than Kim Yoo-seong, first to win.

If the score gap widened after posting Kim Myung-shin first, posting Kim Yoo-seong was the right picture for the flow of the game. However, the Doosan bench did not let Kim Myung-shin warm up even before the start of the 5th inning. It also means that the movement of the bench according to the game situation is a little late.

If you turn the picture further, there was also a plan to maintain the atmosphere of pursuit by one point by putting Kim Myung-shin on the mound from the beginning rather than raising Dylan, who had been shaken sharply from the 4th inning, again in the 5th inning. However, the Doosan bench made a rather questionable decision. This led to a nightmare-like result for Kim Yu-seong, who was making his home debut as a rookie while completely losing the team’s pursuit power.

Kim Myung-shin, who was most needed in that situation, digested pitching 39 pitches in 3 innings without much meaning after the score gap widened. If Kim Myung-shin had come up first and pitched 3 scoreless innings, it is impossible to know how the flow in the second half of the game would have flowed.바카라사이트

Above all, it was the 10,825 home spectators who visited Jamsil Stadium ahead of the Children’s Day holiday that suffered the most. How would the hearts of the Doosan fans cheered until the end of the ninth inning, when they had no choice but to intuit defeat from the 5th inning? In the end, the bench operation, which was not smooth for two days in a row, is already in an atmosphere that raises concerns about the situation of the team that endured April with the strength of the mound.

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