5111 people who passed the 1st round of civil servants’ 7th grade public recruitment … Average age 28.5, up from last year

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This year, 5111 people passed the 1st round of open competitive recruitment for public officials level 7.

The Ministry of Personnel Innovation announced on the 29th through the website of the Cyber ​​National Examination Center that the 2023 National Public Officials Level토토사이트 7 Open Public Aptitude Test ( PSAT ) first test was held on the 22nd of last month.

A total of 5111 people passed the test, with 3693 people in the administrative occupation group and 1418 people in the technical occupation group.

As for the passing line for each unit of recruitment for the administrative occupation group, the direct direct was the highest at 89.33 points, followed by 87.66 points for foreign affairs consul and 86.66 points for general administration.

As for the passing line in the technical occupation group, chemical and direct current had the highest score of 86.66 points. It was followed by 80.00 points for general machinery and 72.00 points for computer development.

Among successful applicants, males accounted for 60.7% (3104 students) and females accounted for the remaining 39.3% (2007 students).

The average age of successful applicants was 28.5, up from 28.1 last year.

The 2nd test will be held on September 23 in five regions nationwide: Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon.

On the other hand, the salary of the 7th grade civil servant this year is known to be 1,962,300 won (excluding allowances) based on the 1st salary.

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