3rd double kill & pinch hit failure, already ‘-10’ in April… Hanwha, can it not be like this?

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He kicked the table with 3 double strokes. Before I knew it, the win-loss margin was -10. Hanwha, which has been mired in an unbelievable abyss since April, cannot see a way out. 

Hanwha lost the home game 2-3 against the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League NC held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 29th. With 4 consecutive losses in the first season and 6 wins, 16 losses and 1 draw for the season, the win-loss margin fell to ‘-10’. 

The pitchers did their part with 3 runs. Starter Nam Ji-min failed to fill the 5th inning, but he endured with 5 hits, 2 walks, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts and 2 runs in 4 innings. Han Seung-joo, who came up from the bases loaded crisis in the 5th inning without conceding and gave up 1 run in the 6th inning, fought back with 1 run in 1⅔ innings. The bullpen led by Yoon Dae-kyung (⅓ innings), Kim Bum-soo (1 inning), Kang Jae-min (1 inning), and Park Sang-won (1 inning) were also blocked with no runs. 

Hanwha coach Carlos Subero showed his will to win by continuing to use key bullpens. However, the line did not explode again. Lee Yong-jun, a rookie pitcher who started as an NC starter, was tied up with one hit and no score until the 5th inning. 

In the 3rd inning, there was a chance to get 1st and 2nd base safely, but Noh Su-gwang’s forward bunt caught NC’s 100% defense. Noh Soo-gwang’s bunt ball that landed in front of the catcher led to a 2-6-4 double hit. In an instant, the flow of attacks was cut off. In the ensuing 2 out 2 base, Moon Hyun-bin retreated with a ground ball to 2 base and lost the opportunity to take the lead. 

Against the NC bullpen, Lee Won-seok’s walk, second base stolen, and Noh Si-hwan’s left-handed hit in the 6th inning scored one point, but the flow could not continue. Coach Subero’s pinch hit strategy did not work for each match. After two outs in the 7th inning, Jang Jin-hyeok walked out, and Lee Seong-gon put Lee Jin-young, who had a shot, at the plate. However, Lee Jin-young was tricked by NC right-hander Kim Jin-ho’s changeup on the 5th pitch, and the attack ended with a strikeout on a swing. 

In the 8th inning, lead batter Lee Won-seok got a hit, but Noh Soo-gwang’s pinch hitter Kim Tae-yeon struck out on a swing by left-hander Kim Yeong-gyu’s forkball, and the flow was interrupted. Then, right-handed hitter Oh Seon-jin came out as a pinch hitter in Moon Hyun-bin’s at-bat, but failed. The inning ended with a 5-4-3 double hit as he hit a grounder on third base on the first pitch slider. Coach Subero’s successive pinch hit campaigns also failed. 바카라사이트

The last attack in the ninth was also futile. Against NC finisher Lee Yong-chan, Noh Si-hwan and Chae Eun-seong hit consecutive hits and made it to the 1st and 3rd bases. Jeong Eun-won hit a grounder going straight to second base, 4-6-3 double play. Third base runner Noh Si-hwan stepped home with the third double hit of the game that day, but all runners disappeared with two outs on base. Park Sang-eon’s right fielder had to swallow the division with a 2-3, painful 1-point loss. 

As a result, Hanwha has suffered four consecutive losses since the match against Lotte on the 26th. There were three consecutive losses before, but the fourth straight loss is the first time this season. The overall record of the season was 6 wins, 16 losses and 1 draw. The win-loss margin fell to ‘-10’. It fell to 10th place within a month of opening and was pushed out of the ranking fight. 

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