3P 0/10′ Cho Han-jin, PO’s most 3-point shots failed 18 times in a row

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Jo Han-jin missed all 10 3-pointers. It is the second dishonorable record in playoff history. Additionally, he has failed to make one of 18 3-point attempts in the playoffs.

Goyang Carrot lost 43-99 in the first leg of the playoff against Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 13th. 43 points is the lowest score in a single game in the playoffs, and the difference of 46 points is the most points difference in a game.

It can be said that the aftermath of the close match from Ulsan Hyundai Mobis to the 5th game in the playoff in the 6th round came out on this day.

Carrot was absolutely 26-51 in rebounding. To make up for this, you have to hit a lot of 3-pointers.

However, KGC Ginseng Corporation rather hit 13 3-point shots (22 attempts), and Carrot threw 50 3-point shots and only put 7 of them.

On February 2nd, Carrot attempted 55 3-point shots in the 5th round of the regular league against KGC Ginseng Corporation and succeeded in 13 of them. On the contrary, KGC Ginseng Corporation allowed only 4 3-point shots and lost 65-82.

The 55 3-point attempts were the second most in the regular league history. The first place was 56 attempts (28 successful) of Incheon Et Land (now Daegu Korea Gas Corporation) from the 2003-2004 season record push game.

In the playoffs, not the regular league, 40 3-point attempts were the most. A total of 40 trials came out, and the main character of 2 of them is Carrot. Carrot made 14 and 13 by throwing 40 3-pointers twice in the playoffs against Hyundai Mobis in the 6th round. Carrot won both of these matches.

Carrot is a team that uses the 3-point shot as a weapon. However, this 3-point shot didn’t listen to the words, so I was defeated by kgc ginseng construction.

Among them, Cho Han-jin failed all 10 3-pointers.

Cho Han-jin, who recorded a 3-point shooting success rate of 30.7% (47/153) in the regular league this season, has not been able to score zero points since entering the playoffs. He also missed all six 3-pointers in the playoffs against Hyundai Mobis.

It is the second time in history that Kim Seung-Hyun failed to score more than 10 3-pointers in a playoff game.

Kim Seung-hyun, who was a member of Daegu Orions, the predecessor of Goyang Carrot, failed all 10 3-pointers in the first leg of the playoff match against Seoul Samsung on March 31, 2007.

In the regular league, 10 3-pointers + all failed 8 times, of which 12 (Josh Gray) were the most.

Cho Han-jin has failed 18 consecutive 3-pointers in his playoff career. Last season, he played in a playoff game against Seoul SK in the quarterfinals and blew both 3-pointers into the air.

Cho Han-jin tried 18 3-pointers in the playoffs, but none of them succeeded.

According to the KBL record program,메이저놀이터 18 consecutive failed 3-pointers in the playoffs is the highest record. Previously, LG coach Jo Sang-hyun and Moon Tae-jong had 17.

The most consecutive failed 3-pointers in the regular season are 26 by Aaron McGee and Kim Min-soo.

Will Cho Han-jin be able to break the 3-point shooting silence in the semi-final playoffs?

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