‘3 games without a win + no score’ Incheon, the task is to find ‘How to use Shin Jin-ho’

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Before the opening, Incheon United was called the ‘Eye of the Typhoon’.

Incheon, which succeeded in advancing to the Asian Champions League for the first time in the 2022 season, put a lot of effort into recruiting players this winter. With the addition of top-class foreign players such as Jeruso and Mpoku, Shin Jin-ho, the ‘top-class midfielder’, took the peak. Jinho Shin is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders in the league. He played MVP level last season. In addition to 4 goals -11 assists and superficial offensive points, he boasted exquisite playmaking abilities to the extent that he was called a ‘soccer guru’. He was named to the top of most passing records. With the addition of Shin Jin-ho, attention was focused on Incheon’s move, which was equipped with a fantasy midfielder with Lee Myung-joo. Coach Cho Seong-hwan, who is always cautious, also showed confidence, saying, “Third place is possible in terms of power.”

However, so far it has not lived up to expectations. Incheon is in 9th place with only 1 win (2 draws and 3 losses, 5 points) in 6 matches. The defense, which gave up 12 goals, the most in the league, is also a problem, but recently even the offense has been silent. 3 games in a row without a goal. The movement of attackers such as Zerso, Hernandez, Kim Bo-seop and Song Si-woo is also disappointing, but there is no back support that was expected. In particular, it is crucial that Shin Jin-ho’s ‘impact’ is not as great as expected.

It is clear from the records. Shin Jin-ho has not been able to raise a single offensive point this season. In detail, Shin Jin-ho, who touched 111 times per game last season according to the foot mob statistics site, has decreased 12 times to 99 times this season. Of course, the pass ranks first in the league with 80 successes per game, but its nutritional value has plummeted. There were 13 big chance creations last season, but none this season. Key passes also fell from 2.3 per game last season to 1.8 this year. Especially noticeable is the long pass. It was nearly halved from 13 per game to 7.5 per game. In the last Jeonbuk Hyundai match, coach Cho said, “As Shin Jin-ho’s kick is accurate, we are expecting the strikers’ movements to match this”, but he only succeeded in 6 kicks.

In addition, the overall number of shots fell from 1.16 to 0.5 per game, effective shots from 0.41 to 0.17, and dribbles from 0.16 to 0. Shin Jin-ho’s unique play, which moves the entire stadium and is involved in the entire game, is not visible. In terms of activity level, it seems to be a little off. With Lee Myung-joo, who played a major role in the offensive development, missing due to an injury, the power of Incheon’s midfield dropped noticeably.

Shin Jin-ho, who was mainly active as a four-back three-middle (three midfielders) in Ulsan Hyundai and Pohang Steelers, has been playing as a three-back two-middle (two midfielders) after entering Incheon. Shin Jin-ho has recently been playing back and forth between defense and central midfield, but his strengths come from various attacking tasks. It is an environment where it is difficult for two-mees, who have to be involved in both offense and defense, to use Shin Jin-ho’s strengths 100%. Adding a professional defensive midfielder is also an option to consider. However, there is a variable that it is not easy to use the four-back due to the circumstances of the Incheon squad.

In order for Incheon to achieve the expected results this season, Shin Jin-ho must regain the performance he showed last season.메이저사이트 To this end, finding ‘how to use Shin Jin-ho’ is an urgent task.

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