President Yoon’s ‘anti-communist ideology offensive’ is on the rise… why?

There are various interpretations about the background of President Yoon Seok-yeol’s administration of state affairs in the second year of his administration, who said, “The most important thing is ideology,” and put anti-communist ideological politics at the forefront in 2023. Many say that President Yoon’s message of ‘division’, which has let go of the responsibility for […]

5111 people who passed the 1st round of civil servants’ 7th grade public recruitment … Average age 28.5, up from last year

This year, 5111 people passed the 1st round of open competitive recruitment for public officials level 7. The Ministry of Personnel Innovation announced on the 29th through the website of the Cyber ​​National Examination Center that the 2023 National Public Officials Level토토사이트 7 Open Public Aptitude Test ( PSAT ) first test was held on the 22nd […]

尹 “It’s dizzying what would have happened to the country if we hadn’t brought the right to run state affairs”

On the 28th, President Yoon Seok-yeol compared the Moon Jae-in administration to a company and criticized that “there is nothing filled with internal stability.” President Yoon pointed out this evening at the Incheon International Airport Corporation Human Resources Development Center, saying, “There are many projects that have been undertaken, but if you look at them […]

Cannes student, 2nd place in short story… Will there be a second Park Chan-wook and Bong Joon-ho?

Korea’s representative film city, Busan. The next generation of talented people who will lead the Korean토토사이트 film industry are immersed in their classes. The Korean Academy of Film Arts is an educational institution specializing in film directing that was established 40 years ago. To enter this school, you must pass a competition rate of hundreds […]

“Reveal episode 12 quickly… Uprising” Netflix’s rival, eventually exploded into ‘the best ever’

“Reaction beyond our expectations” (Disney senior official) “A story with a strong emotional narrative” (USA Forbes) “A unique and wonderful storyline that immerses everyone” (Hong Kong) Disney+ (Plus)’s Korean original content ‘Moving’, which was released until episode 11, eventually burst into an all-time high. “I subscribe to Disney Plus to watch Moving”, “Reveal episode 12 quickly”, […]