SK Hynix, three reasons why money is not urgent despite a 3 trillion deficit I 2023.2Q performance analysis

SK Hynix, which seemed quite risky financially until just three months ago, has bottomed out in terms of performance. No, we made a deficit of 3 trillion won again, but you can ask ‘why did you hit the bottom’. But if you look at the company from a financial and cash flow perspective, you’ll change your mind. In April, about […]

1,000 people evacuated from a department store fire in downtown Seoul…’Confusion’ with individual guidance

Last night, a fire broke out at a large department store in Jamsil, Seoul, and more than a thousand people were evacuated. It is a place where department stores, amusement parks, and theaters are gathered together, but confusion arose as evacuation guidance was given separately. This is reporter Kim Jung-woo’s report. ◀ Report ▶ Red […]

During the construction, the site was dug for the hotel, and the ‘Emperor Nero’s Theater’ appeared in ancient records.

The Roman Emperor Nero’s theater, which was mentioned in ancient카지노 literature but could not be found, has been discovered. According to foreign media such as the British Daily Guardian on the 27th (local time), Emperor Nero’s theater was excavated under the site of the Four Seasons Hotel in Rome, Italy. It was found in the process […]

“I was angry at the lane change” and made an emergency stop on the highway… A 30-year-old who died in an accident

A driver in his 30s who caused a fatal accident by intervening in카지노 front of a vehicle that tried to change lanes in front of the car he was driving was arrested and indicted. The 2nd Criminal Division of the Cheonan Branch of the Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Son Sang-hee) announced on the […]

10 cars collided near the Hobeop Junction on the Jungbu Expressway… 3 seriously injured

Today (28th) around 6pm토토사이트, 10 vehicles collided one after another near the Hobeop Junction on the Jungbu Expressway. Three people were seriously injured in the accident, and two of them were rushed to the hospital by firefighting helicopter. In addition, 2 of the 12 minor injuries were transferred to the hospital and are receiving treatment. […]

Ecopro’s ‘Emperor’ 7 days all over the world… Falling 20% ​​and collapsing the 1 million won line

As EcoPro (086520), a KOSDAQ secondary battery item먹튀검증, plummeted, it returned its position in ‘Emperor Jeju’ (a stock with a price of over 1 million won per share) in 7 trading days. With a sharp decline of nearly 20%, individuals seeking low-priced purchases have flowed in. On the 27th, Ecopro closed at 985,000 won, down 243,000 […]