Bujin Lee’s ambitious work also worked… Why are 4-star hotels better than 5-stars?

After the pandemic (endemicity of infectious diseases), major 4-star hotels with cost-effectiveness took their place as filial businesses in the industry. Major hotel brands representing Korea are planning to expand their business sites not only domestically but also overseas. According to the hotel industry on the 29th, the growth of 4-star business hotels and lifestyle hotels […]

‘Please call me representative, shorts are OK’… Gwangmo Koo, who changed LG, 5 years

On the 29th, the 5th anniversary of Kwang-mo Koo’s inauguration as LG Group Chairman.‘Pragmatism and talent management’ are two key words that represent LG Group CEO and Chairman Koo Kwang-mo, who celebrated his 5th anniversary on the 29th . Chairman Koo took over management from the age of 40, which is somewhat younger than other chaebol heads when the late Koo […]

3 houses if housing assets exceed 1.2 billion… On average, less than 6,000 people own less than one house

It was found that households with housing assets of over 1.2 billion won owned close to three houses. On the other hand, households earning less than 60 million토토사이트 won, on average, did not own one. According to the data of ‘Analysis of Home Ownership in Linkage with Administrative Data’ released by the National Statistical Office on […]

An elementary school student who was avoiding a kick, ‘knocked up’ by a passing car ‥ “Is this also the owner’s negligence?”

An alleyway in Seocho-gu, Seoul last October토토사이트. A white car drives straight ahead, pulled close to the right side of the road. However, one of the children playing in the group fell onto the vehicle and stepped on the rear wheel. The accident occurred while trying to avoid the kick of a female student. [Han […]

’10 people at a time’ Cheonan chicken house eats 260,000 won

At a chicken restaurant in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, a group of 10 customers ‘eating and running’ occurred. According to JTBC’s’Chief of Incident’ on the 27th토토사이트, on April 4, around 7:30 pm, a group of 10 people fled from a chicken restaurant located in Buldang-dong, Cheonan without paying for food. On the day of the incident, CCTV footage from the shop showed […]

Kyungnam University TNT won the 7th Gokseong County Flag National University Club Soccer Tournament after 3 consecutive penalty shootouts

 Kyungnam University TNT won the 7th Gokseong County National Collegiate Club Soccer Tournament after 3 consecutive penaltyshootouts . The adage in the sports world, “The team that defends well, wins the championship,” also applied to the amateur college soccer tournament. Kyungnam University TNT, which boasted an extremely strong defensive organization, rose to the top of the […]

“I can’t solve it with public education” 22 killer questions revealed… “Ambiguous criteria”

It was analyzed that the number of ‘killer questions’, which is one of the reasons for the increase in private education expenses of examinees in college scholastic ability tests and mock exams, has increased rapidly in the past two years.According to the Ministry of Education on the 26th, it was revealed that 7 ‘killer questions’ […]