Let’s Go Daddy!” 3-year-old daughter led 35,000 spectators… Australia, it was a drama until the end

“Let’s go Daddy!” The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Quarterfinal Tournament The match between Australia and Cuba was held on the 15th at Tokyo Dome. Even though it was not a Japanese game, there was a voice that lingered in my ears amidst the enthusiasm of cheering so hot that about 35,000 spectators came to visit. When […]

Condition problems in the ‘Tokyo catastrophe’ brought about by the ‘useless’ mound management? It’s just an excuse 

There is often an expression of ‘useful’. It means to write the person who wrote it again, and it fits perfectly with the mound management of the Korean baseball team shown at the WBC. The Korean baseball team ended the ‘Tokyo catastrophe’ after the final game against China in Group B of the 2023 World Baseball […]

Korea can do it too! ‘2 consecutive losses → Miraculous quarterfinals’ Italy’s obvious potential [WBC]

In the meantime, regardless of the event, the number of cases for the Korean national team, which has participated in international competitions, has been more like torture of hope to grab at a straw than hope. The Korean national baseball team at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) is in a similar situation. It was predicted […]

10 ‘meaningless’ selection resources, a mystery in which the pitcher of ‘4 days and 82 pitches’ takes the lead [WBC]

Frequent appearances and a large number of pitches. However, he even took on starting duties for the team. This is the bitter current state of the Korean baseball team’s mound. The day of the decisive battle on the 13th was bright. Korea (1 win, 2 losses) will play the final Group B match against China (3 losses) at […]

“Destroy what the seniors have done”… Korea-Japan defeat, Lee Jung-hoo reflected

 “I feel like I have destroyed what my seniors have done.” In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Korean national team outfielder Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom Heroes) reflected on the crushing defeat in the Korea-Japan match. Lee Taek-geun (43), SBS commentator, told the story of exchanging social media messages with Lee Jung-hoo while relaying the […]