“1st place! 1st place! 1st place!” The reason Kim Min-jae is receiving attention “Monster”

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There is a reason Kim Min-jae (26) is attracting attention. 

It is Kim Min-jae who is changing history in every club he steps into. He performed outstandingly at Fenerbahce SK in the Turkish Super League and moved to SSC Napoli after a year. He is also receiving love calls from multiple clubs after winning the league for the first time in 33 years in one year. In particular, it is strongly linked with Manchester United of the English Premier League (EPL).

The reason why multiple clubs are interested in signing Kim Min-jae lies in his relatively cheap buyout amount of around 50 million euros (recruitment possible after personal negotiations if paid more than that amount), but fundamentally due to his outstanding skills. 

On the 16th,카지노사이트 the football statistics site ‘Squawka’ compared Kim Min-jae’s record with other Serie A defenders up to this day through the official SNS. According to this, Kim Min-jae vomited the spirit of being ranked first in the number of touches (3,014 times), first place in passes to the opponent’s box (443 times), and one aerial contest (92 times). He also showed the highest record in recovery (2023 times) and kick (119 times), ranking 4th, and as can be seen from the heat map, the coverage was excellent. 

Given the opportunity to recruit such a defender at a low price, it is natural that big clubs are tired. We just have to watch Kim Min-jae’s choice.  

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