’17-year-old No. 1 in Korea’ Kim Ha-eun defeated Choi Bom to win the second National Billiards Championship

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Women’s 3-Cushion ‘No. 1 in Korea토토사이트‘ Kim Ha-eun won her second championship in the National Billiards Championship with an average of close to 1 point. On the other hand, Choi Bom-yi, who won the previous national billiards competition, remained runner-up.

Kim Ha-eun (17, Seoul Billiard Federation) defeated Choi Bom-i (Soongsil University) 25:11 in 27 innings in the women’s 3-cushion final of the ‘2023 Namwon National Billiards Championship’ held at Chunhyanggol Gymnasium in Namwon-si, Jeonbuk on the evening of the 7th. went up Kim Ha-eun scored only 4 high runs, but recorded an average of 0.926 with consistent scoring.

This marks Ha-eun Kim’s second win eight months after winning the ‘Korean Sports Association Jangbae’ last year. Lee Shin-yeong (4th, Chungnam Billiards Federation) and Kim Da-ye (Seoul Billiards Federation) tied for 3rd place.

In the final, Kim Ha-eun seized the victory from the beginning. Kim Ha-eun, who took a 11:1 lead in 4 innings, stayed blank for 4 consecutive innings, then ran away with 1 point in the 9th inning and 3 points in the 10th inning, 15:3.

After that, Kim Ha-eun steadily raised the score and reached 20 points in the 18th inning, virtually solidifying the victory. Kim Ha-eun added the last run in the 27th inning and lightly lifted the championship cup.

Kim Ha-eun finished runner-up in 3 out of 4 national competitions after winning the ‘Korea Sports Council President’s Cup’ last year.

After the match, Kim Ha-eun said, “I am so happy to win after a long time. In particular, there was a lot of regret that I ended up finishing runner-up even though I had been to the finals recently, but I think I was relieved of the burden with this victory.” She continued, “My goal is to continue to stay at the top of the rankings, and for that, I want to win all the remaining national tournaments this year.”

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