‘158km fastball+KKKKKKKKKKKK’ perfect revenge on his parent team, Cy Young Young pitcher smiled brightly

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San Diego Padres Blake Snell (31) made a perfect pitch against his former team, the Tampa Bay Rays.

Snell started on the 18th (Korean time) in the 2023 Major League Tampa Bay Race and home game held at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA. On this day, he recorded 2 hits, 3 walks and 12 strikeouts in 6 innings. He showed pitching quality start (pitching less than 3 earned runs in 6 starting innings). On this day, Snell’s fastest ball speed was 98.2 miles (158 km).안전놀이터추천

This match was special for Snell. It was because he faced Tampa Bay, his home team, for the first time. Snell, who joined Tampa Bay with the 52nd overall pick in the first round of the 2011 rookie draft, made his big league debut in 2016. Snell, who continued the growth curve, recorded an average ERA of 1.89 with 21 wins and 5 losses in the 2018 season. He grabbed the Cy video.

Snell had a special affection for Tampa Bay. However, Tampa Bay, a small market club representing the major leagues, pushed for a trade before Snell obtained free agent status. Not only Snell, but the stars of the Tampa Bay franchise left like that. Tampa Bay let go of Snell on condition of receiving four prospects from San Diego ahead of the 2021 season: Luis Patino, Francisco Mejia, Blake Hunt, and Cole Wilcox.

After the trade was finalized, Snell also said, “I grew a lot in Tampa Bay. It was a time to mature as a person. It’s a pity that I haven’t seen people who have helped me a lot so far. I feel more sorry because I have a strong sense of belonging to Tampa Bay. Always. I support Tampa Bay. I hope it will be the best team,” he said goodbye to Tampa Bay.

This season, his second year in the San Diego uniform. Snell faced Tampa Bay. Since San Diego belongs to the National League and Tampa Bay belongs to the American League, there was no head-to-head match last season. On the mound against Tampa Bay, Snell showed a strong fighting spirit and fought hard.

He’s Snell, who threw a strong ball throughout the game. He finished the inning with three strikeouts starting in the first inning. Yandi Diaz, Wander Franco, and Harold Ramirez were all helpless by Snell’s ball. Even in the second episode, Snell was unstoppable. He struck out Randia Rozarena, threw a fit ball to Isaac Paredes, but struck out Taylor Walls and grounded Manuel Margot to third base to end the inning.

Snell had a run crisis in the third inning, but blocked it with no runs. He quickly increased his out count by striking out Francisco Mejia and grounding Jose Ciri to third base. Diaz hit a double through the right middle, but he caught Franco with a fly in right field and headed to the dugout.

Episode 4 was also a crisis. Snell seemed to be cruising by handling lead batter Ramirez with a grounder to second base and striking out Arozarena. But he gave up back-to-back walks to Paredes and Walls. However, Snell, who continued pitching calmly, struck out on a swing from Margo and posted the third out count.메이저놀이터

It was the biggest crisis in episode 5. He gave up an infield hit to leading hitter Mejia. He struck out Ciri, but gave up a walk to Diaz and was driven to first out and second base. First of all, Snell caught Franco with a shortstop grounder and continued pitching scoreless, striking out Ramirez.

The 6th episode ended with a triple strike. He struck out consecutively from Arozarena and Paredes. On top of that, he caught Walls with a shortstop floating ball and finished the day’s appearance.

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