‘15,000 critical comments’ Japanese voters angry at Kishida’s mention of tax increase

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida faced a strong headwind on the 13th after expressing his view that part of the financial resources for the increase in defense spending would be raised through tax increases.

According to the Mainichi Shimbun, social media ( SNS ) is pouring criticism to the effect that Prime Minister Kishida is shifting the responsibility of the state to the people. Some said that raising taxes for defense would hurt the common people in a situation where prices are soaring.

Manga artist Mayumi Kurata tweeted, “Now that (price) of everything is rising, (Prime Minister Kishida) tells the common people to bleed more.” Many of their comments are unrealistic.” Recently, Prime Minister Kishida posted a post on his Twitter account of his achievements, which received about 16,000 replies

, the highest among his all-time posts . Most of them were harsh criticisms such as “Are you making fun of the people?” In this post, Prime Minister Kishida said, “This year’s Chinese character is a step forward,” and “(the former Unification Church) will make a mark in history, such as strengthening the law for the relief of vicious donation damages, fundamentally strengthening defense capabilities, and materializing a new capitalism. We are working on various tasks one by one. We will continue to do so next year.”

Japanese media J Newscast reported that the number of references to related posts reached 25,000 if comments through retweets were included .

The keywords ‘increased defense cost’ and ‘increased defense cost’ entered the Twitter trend. “They raised taxes without permission and threw the responsibility onto the people.” “Isn’t it the responsibility of the state and government to protect the national territory and protect the people?” “The timing of the remarks and the choice of words were poor.” should be asked,” was raised.

There were also voices calling for the dissolution of the House of Representatives and a new general election. There was also an opinion that the government debt could be used as a source of finance for the increase in the defense budget, rather than tax increases. Other keywords that entered the trend were ‘murdered by Kishida’, ‘no confidence plan’ and ‘people’s responsibility’.

There were also sniper comments from celebrities.

Former Osaka prefectural governor Toru Hashimoto said that there are many reforms that need to be done before tax increases. It is only after the abolition of donations has been carried out that the public should be held accountable.”

Famous novelist Keiichiro Hirano wrote briefly, “(Prime Minister Kishida) must resign.” Singer Sera Kiminori”

Matsuda Gota, founder of Tallies Coffee, who once served as a member of the House of Councilors, said, “I’m angry, but it’s our people who chose these politicians, so now I have no choice but to hit myself with a raised fist. Anyway, I oppose the easy tax increase.”

Hyogo Prefecture Akashi Mayor Izumi Fusao, an incumbent politician, quoted a retweet, saying, “The approval rating has gone down and criticism of the tax increase continues. pointed out the discrepancy.

Prime Minister Kishida said at the party executive meeting on the 13th , “Strengthening the fundamentals of defense capability is drawing an era with a great shift in security policy.” must,” he said.

Regarding the plan to secure financial resources for increasing defense costs, Prime Minister Kishida said on the 10th , 토토사이트 “Based on the economic situation, etc. , we will aim for 2027 and implement (tax increase) step by step over several years, and the start time will be flexible.” .

He argued that stable financial resources are essential, and that government bonds that must be repaid later cannot be accepted as a responsibility to future generations. I asked for it, but in the end, I only bought a backlash.

Infighting also arose in the Liberal Democratic Party. According to the Asahi Shimbun, about 20 members of the Liberal Democratic Party held a meeting this morning and expressed their opinion that “Prime Minister Kishida’s decision-making process in determining the tax increase policy is too violent” and “the tax increase details should not be decided unilaterally.” . Asahi said that a motion of no confidence in the cabinet was even discussed at this meeting.

Criticism also arose from the opposition. Kazuhiro Haraguchi, a member of the House of Representatives of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said, “I recommend that Prime Minister Kishida resign,” and “should also retreat from the austerity tax increase line.”

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