‘148→151cm’ Tall figure skater Jia Shin “Body change, no problem”

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Shin Ji-ah (14, Yeongdong Middle School), a ‘new star in figure skating’, said that she was “overcoming it with a positive attitude” regarding the recent rapid body change.

After returning to Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 14th, Shin Ji-ah said, “I’ve grown a lot recently, but (yet) it doesn’t seem to have a big impact on my skills.” And I will continue to train hard in the future.”

Body changes are a common concern for female singles figure skaters around the world.

This is because if your height suddenly grows and your body shape changes, your balance will be shaken when performing spins and jumps.

In fact, many players go through a 메이저사이트 slump due to body change problems in their junior days. The change in body shape also affects the mentality of the players.

Her 2008-born Shin Ji-ah has also been changing her body shape lately.

He said, “I was 148 cm tall at the International Skating Union (ISU) World Junior Championships (held last April), but now I am 151 cm.” She has grown 3 cm in the last 8 months.

However, Jia Shin doesn’t take much stress when it comes to her body changes.

When asked, “Isn’t it difficult because you’re tall?”, he said, “It’s okay. Rather, I wish I was a bit taller.”

Shin Ji-ah’s mother said in an interview last April, “(Shin) Jia is a child who has no worries or stress.”

As her mother said, Shin Ji-ah naturally accepts her rapid body change problem, and she bravely goes her own way.

When asked about the ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix Final, which ended on the 10th, Shin Ji-ah said, “I ran with the mindset to unconditionally perform a clean performance, and I was happy to achieve my goal.”

He won the silver medal with a final total score of 200.32. It is the first time in 17 years since Kim Yu-na (gold medal at the time) in 2005 that a Korean female short singles player won a medal in this event.

After winning the silver medal at the ISU World Junior Championships in April, he reached the podium in the finals, showing the best performance a junior athlete can achieve.

Shin Jia has practically conquered the junior stage, but she will have to stay in the junior stage for many years to come.

This is because the ISU raised her senior competition age to 16 for the 2023-2024 season and 17 for the 2024-2025 season through a general meeting in June.

Initially, the minimum age for senior competition was 15 years old, but the rules were changed on the surface due to the doping incident of Kamila Balieva (16, Russian Olympic Committee), who participated in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Shin Jia will be able to debut on the senior stage at the 2026 Milan Cortina d’Am Pezzo Winter Olympics, when she turns 17 years old.

When he said, ‘Isn’t it a pity that I have to play only on the junior stage from now on’, she laughed, saying, “I don’t have any other thoughts, I’ll just enjoy working out.”

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