10G batting average .111→6th relegation→final home run emergency “I try to do well every day…”

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KT’s foreign hitter Anthony Alford cleaned up the slump in May by hitting the final home run and netting. 

KT Wiz won 6-1 in the 4th game of the season against the Doosan Bears in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 19th. As a result of this day, they escaped from 2 consecutive losses and overcame the baseline for 3 consecutive matches, recording 11 wins, 2 draws and 24 losses in the season. 

The protagonist of the victory was Alford. He started in left field 6 times and led the team to escape from losing streak with 2 hits in 4 at-bats (1 home run) and 3 RBIs. He drove a wedge guitar that widened the gap with the final home run, shaking off the sluggish batting average of 10.1 1 Lee in the last 10 games.

Alford hit a 2-run homer that broke the balance in the 4th inning when the match was 1-1. With the appearance, he hit the curve (112km) in the middle of the first pitch of Doosan starter Choi Seung-yong, and reported his 5th home run of the season in 9 games after the match against Suwon NC on the 9th. It was the moment when the final blow was struck. 

Alford didn’t stop. In the 5th inning with a 4-1 lead, he had a chance for 2 outs and 1st and 2nd bases, widening the gap by hitting a timely hit with 1 RBI. Doosan Park Jung-soo had an advantageous count against Park Jeong-soo before taking the 4th curve and achieving 2 hits in 13 games since the Suwon Samsung game on April 29th. 

“The whole team helped break the losing streak,” Alford said after the game. The starting pitcher gave up 1 run in 5 innings, and the batters were also energized.” 

What was the factor that caused the sharp drop in the sense of hit in May? “There are times when baseball is good and there are times when it is bad,” said Alford. I tried to do well every day so that I could escape the slump.”

Due to continued sluggishness, Alford’s batting order went down from 3rd to 6th starting with the game against LG in Jamsil on the 18th. “I couldn’t put down a lot of pressure,” he said. However, I was able to get tips by watching the pitchers face right-handed hitters in front of me. Because pitchers always play the same way. Of course, he honestly confessed, “It didn’t mean that the burden was greatly relieved just because he put it in the 6th batting order.”토토사이트

The command tower cited Alford’s sluggishness before the game as a lack of stamina. In response, Alford said, “Not only me, but all players feel tired at this time. There must be a reason the team brought me in, and I have to do my job responsibly, so I don’t care too much about my stamina.”

The future of KT, which ended its losing streak with the match, was also bright. “The whole beast knows what to do,” said Alford. With (Park) Byeong-ho entering the lineup, it seems that the batting line has become stronger. (Moon) Sang-cheol hyung is also doing very well, so we will be able to do better in the future,” he said. “When I came last year, KT was in 7th or 8th place. But in the end, I went to fall baseball. We can show that kind of image this year as well.” 

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