‘1 point – 1 point – 1 point’ What about Hanwha’s water bat… 1 draw was a miracle

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 The Hanwha Eagles fell into a severe slump in the batting line. 

Hanwha lost 1-4 in the match against LG at Jamsil Stadium on the 21st. The team’s batting line was 5 hits and empty hits, and if it went on base, it self-destructed with 3 double hits. The only score was Lee Jin-young’s solo home run in the 8th inning. In addition to a home run, he stepped on second base only once. 

Coach Wonho Choi said before the game, “We changed the lineup. He listened to the story of the batting part because his head hurt so much in the batting part,” he said. He changed the batting order between Shihwan and Eunseong.”

He continued, “I think the shortstop should listen to the batting part, so Park Jung-hyun has strength in the left-handed pitcher’s ball, and Lee Do-yoon is quite bad at the left-handed ball, so Park Jung-hyun goes in. Lee Won-seok in the center and Kwon Kang-min in the left fielder are not bad recently, and although it was last year’s record, it is not bad for a left pitcher, so they go to the start.”

After one out in the first inning, Oh Seon-jin went on base with a hit, but Chae Eun-seong hit the third baseman grounder double hit. In the second inning, Choi Jae-hoon went on base with a hit in the middle right after one out, but Park Jung-hyun broke the pulse with a double hit by the third baseman. In the 4th inning, Jeong Eun-won and Chae Eun-seong picked a walk and took a chance for 1st and 2nd base. However, Noh Si-hwan became the third double-out with a third baseman grounder double hit. 

In the 7th inning, after Chae Eun-seong got on base against Jung Woo-young with a hit ball, Noh Si-hwan, pinch hitter Kim In-hwan, and pinch hitter Lee Do-yoon struck out three batters in a row. In the 8th inning, Lee Jin-young hit a solo home run against Kim Jin-seong, avoiding the loss. 

Hanwha only scored 1 point – 1 point – 1 point in 3 consecutive matches against LG on the weekend. It was like a miracle to record a tie in the 12th overtime in the game on the 20th. The bullpen pitchers did their best to block it, so they didn’t lose. 

Hanwha recorded a 1-3 loss (10 overtime), a 2-1 victory (10 overtime), and a 3-7 loss in three consecutive matches against Lotte during the week. In six games this week, they scored a total of nine points (average of 1.5 points per game).안전놀이터

In six games, the pitchers did enough with a 3.00 ERA. However, the team’s batting average was only 107.6, making it difficult to score points. It was also fortunate that we recorded 1 win, 1 draw and 4 losses during the week. 

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